Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Barstow, CA

We really like Barstow, CA. So much so, that we drove past it, and 60 miles later turned back around and went back only to stay the next two nights.

In all actuality. 60 miles past Barstow in Ludlow, CA (which is just a gas station) the passenger side rear wheel bearing went out and the wheel almost fell off. The closest tow truck was from Barstow. 90 minutes later we were on our way back to Barstow, where we slept in the lot of the tow/auto shop in 50 mph winds next to a big, loud, clangy, metal garage door.
Yesterday we spent all day at the shop, while they looked for a new axle at wrecking yards. Breakfast consisted of scramble eggs with Kale and Smoked Salmon(thanks David and Cirkl for the salmon) Barstow has a nightly drive-in theater, so we saw "Knowing" while sitting in Pam: Weird movie. We parked in an old truck stop lot and set up shop. Today is a new day and we are hanging out in Starbucks of all places for the internet access. Off to Mojave National Reserve for the day, maybe two.

Thoughts on Barstow:
This place must have been crazy when rt66 was a main road, now its barely there. Staying a float with fast food and other services and maybe a little money from a near by military base.

Lessons for today:
Stay under 55mph. Old bearings don't like to travel fast. Not to mention my trailer probably doesn't like it either.

Here are some pics

If anyone is interested, poor Nat still has hives :(


  1. I bet you guys are bummed that you didn't get to stay in Barstow longer, huh? lol.... safe travels....

  2. Hitchhiked through that way a little post Route 66's heyday, but not that much.
    Big sky.