Friday, March 27, 2009

Here we go

Ten thousand, five hundred, sixty-one and six tenths. The reading from the odometer of my truck. One might say, "Wow, that truck is barely broken in", but alas, my odometer stops at the ten thousands place. All things considered, my 1971 Ford F100 probably has rolled over once, maybe twice. Be shes got a lot of life left in her.

After four years of California living I am moving back to West Virginia to finish my masters degree. California is quite far from West Virginia and there are several ways to make the journey. I've decided to take the most entertaining and broadening method that came to mind.

Road trip.

I am taking to the road and seeing the country on the way. My girl is coming with me and together we are going to experience the thrill of the US country side.

I've got my love, my truck, my scooter and my map of ethanol stations.{by the way my truck does not run on gas, it runs on clean burning, American made ethanol}

Stay tuned for more updates.


  1. We're glad you made room for Nat's stuff. What is the ratio of your stuff to her stuff?

  2. Is it too late to turn around? You forgot something.

    Just kidding! Looking forward to being a follower. Love, Candimom

  3. ok, i'm gonna say it, Brian: I TOLD you to make more space for Natalie's things. happy to be able to 'follow' the 2 of you!

  4. You should turn this blog into a book at the end of all this. You're quite the entertaining author. And you could have come out dancing on Friday! We missed you- and you weren't even gone. I'm excited for the next "chapter."

  5. So...we can have Justin's truck and trailer there in about 14 hours or...I understand there is a large market for fresh kidneys in that part of the country...might be enough for a new truck...