Friday, March 27, 2009

Not yet

The scheduled departure time was Thursday morning. After hours of packing and cleaning I filled my truck and drove to Nat's house. The only problem was that there was no room for her stuff.

I have a full sized pick up truck with a camper shell. A friend donated an old futon{thanks Ian}, which I modified to sit mid way up the bed; storage below, sleeping space above. My truck (Pam) is a new addition to my life, for the last four years, my only mode of motorized transportation was Gloria, my scooter. With no intention of leaving Gloria behind, I bought a motorcycle trailer to bring Gloria with me.

My truck was full and Natalie still needed room for her stuff, we had some problem solving to do. So with the help of Greg and his awesome shop, we spent Thursday afternoon/evening modifying my motorcycle trailer to have more room for stuff in the truck. We widened the surface a foot and added 18 inch side walls. Now my motorcycle trailer has more space and there is enough room for everything...maybe. Its got too dark to try and pack, so we planned to pack in the morning and head out.

Pickup truck tetris turned out to be more time consuming than one would think, and combined with the time to rewire the trailer lights, which turned out to not work, far too much time passed and we would be leaving too late.

Departure has now been pushed back to Saturday morning, the Mojave National park awaits as well as two ethanol stations.

Stay tuned, pictures too come, pending internet access.


  1. And you guys didn't come out dancing because........? Seems to me that this is a sign, and you are going against fate. Let's hope that the lindy gods don't punish you for your insolence....

    I was going to ask if you're ready to move back yet, but that would be a bit counter-intuitive, since you haven't left yet.

  2. darn this internet access thing. Are you there yet? Yes, I'm that kid.

  3. Bri... Nat... Where you guys at?
    Hey Brian, good news. We're finally funded for our station. Now alls-Igotz2do is create the damn thing :-) wish you were here to join me.