Monday, April 6, 2009

Double Dose

Wow, this requires a second post for the day.

We left Cortez, headed east for La Jara to get e85. Conclusion:
Altitude + Uphill + gas in e85 carb = go no further. 2 miles up an 8 mile climb that started at 7000 feet. Pam said no more. We were forced to turn around. On the way back down, I pulled over at a scenic over look to check things out. While trying to do a 23 point turn with a trailer, Pam stalled and wouldn't start. Since I was blocking the parking lot, I had to unhitch the trailer, move it by hand, then push Pam out of the way an rehitch the trailer.

Some carb tinkering led to nothing, so like most carb issues ten minutes and she fire up.

We coasted down the mountain and turned south.

We are on our way to Santa Fe, NM to get some ethanol and miss the Rockies...hopefully. After 60 miles of struggling up and down hills, we pulled over in Chama, NM for some free WiFi and a road side picnic table to eat dinner. Two hours to Santa Fe so we plan on powering it out and sleep when we get there.

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