Thursday, April 23, 2009

When I'm walking in memphis

We decided to bounce from KC without dancing. We headed south to Arkasas. Getting too tired to keep driving, we pulled off and searched for a place to sleep in Neosho, MO. We found a precarious strip mall and parked there.

We got up every early, no need to be sleeping when the business opened. Springdale, AK was our next destination, if only for e85, but we pulled off at a gas station to cook. Some of the best juevos rancheros I've ever had.

$1.49 a gallon is what we paid for E85 in Springdale, I wish we hadn't filled up so recently.

One of Natalie's best friend's father lives in Hot Springs Arkansas, so we thought we would pay a visit. We ate at an Ecuadorian restaurant, heard about the book he is writing and slept on a pull out with a grandmother clock that chimed every 15 minutes. Interesting night of sleeping. Our hosts where getting ready to travel the next morning so we headed out early to let them pack.

The only diamond mine in the US is just outside of Mufreesboro, AR. It is the only place in the world where you can pick up diamonds from the ground and keep them. So we thought we give it a go. I should say I thought we would give it a go. About 15 minutes in the hot sun and 45 under a pavilion in the water trough area was all my attention span could take. Nat and I were hungry and overhearing conversations from other diamond hunters about how they have been there all day and were planning to come back the next day was getting depressing. Although I have devised a simple set up that will made for rapid processing of dirt which may contain diamonds. If I ever come back I will build it. Work smart not hard...thats the engineer way.

We left the mine and headed to Little Rock, Whole Foods and e85 was our aim. We got to see a bat which has lost its way while shopping for gluten free products. First live "new" (one I've never seen before) animal I've seen since the antelope in Colorado. Though were are up to 16 dead armadillos.

We had trouble finding the e85 in the Rock so we headed to Carlisle, AR and got some e85 there. Then headed down the highway to a rest area for some shut eye.

The morning brought scrambled eggs and a walk in the prettiest rest area that I have seen in a while. Then back on the road east to Memphis. A short hike at a little state forest gave a break from the road, but soon we were in West Memphis, AR planning our attack. Whole Foods, then dancing at the Rumba Room. Memphis is hot, the dance scene is small, but we had fun. And we got our first dance related, extra bed offer. If it were not so hot here, Jaredan would have trouble getting rid of us. A super comfortable bed and awesome water pressure. That is all that matters when you have been on the road for a while.

We are heading to Ashville, NC next. There might be a stop in Nashville for dancing.

Thoughts on the bible belt:
Jesus saves...for his retirement
- John 4:01k

Thoughts on the Mississippi:
Its not as big as I thought I would be

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  1. Was the bat allergic to gluten, as well? Did you have to wrestle it for the good stuff? Who won?

    btw.... I bet if you actually went dancing more, instead of skipping it, you'd get more free bed offers......