Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Santa Fe, hippies but no swingers

Defeated by Treasure Mountain and unable to take the Wolf Creek Pass{which in Pam's defense is at 10,000 ft: I looked it up} we retreated down the mountain, changed carbs and powered through the night to Santa Fe, NM.  Entering Santa Fe, little 84 turned into the largest road we have seen since the Grape Vine, ten days ago.  We muddled around in the dark on the out skirts of town trying to find a place to sleep.  Pam picked a place for us and stalled. We slept.

The morning brought a welcome warmth, compared to the icy windows of the previous days.  Morning also brought a little carb work to get Pam started.  My gas carb has been sitting in an extra-parts bag for a few months and needed some fidgeting.  Starting up we headed into Santa Fe for a natural food store.  Typical wrong turnage by yours truly did not stop us from finding Wild Oats, which as it would turn out is a Whole Foods in disguise.  

I am writing this from a neighboring coffee shop which does not have WiFi, but I will have to copy and paste at a later time.  Off to find WiFi, E85 and an auto parts store (I lost the gas cap on Treasure Mountain).  Followed by a carb swap and then some turon stuff in Santa Fe, most likely.  We were hoping to find some lindy hop in a big city like Santa Fe, but also, only country western.

Note on travelling and internet:  Public Libraries are a good place to find free WiFi.

Another Note: There was snow on Treasure Mountain.

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