Friday, April 17, 2009

Good times in Colorado Springs

There is a whole branch of my family that lives in Colorado Springs, CO. Basically, my Mom's cousin, Patty, and her kids, and her grandkids. They are always trying to get family to come to see them. Well I have been saying I would visit for probably ten years, and for at least five lamely making plans and having them not happen. Well I made good on my word. And if we did not have plans in WV, Natalie and I thought about just setting up shop.

Thanks to Lisa and Stewert for putting us up for almost a week and for letting us use your kitchen and shower. Also for playing tour guide.

My soon-to-be sister in law also lives in the Spring and since it was Easter my brother and mother and soon to be in laws all flew in for some family time. I got to see my new nephew. We made some awesome vegan-esce food and didn't do a lot of thing.

We didn't drive through the garden of the gods, sorry for jinxing your car Lisa. We didn't got to the top of Pikes peak, hope Mom and Wes are feeling better. We didn't have gluten free pizza; why did they run out of gluten free dough? We didn't give Lisa a second how-to-make-pasta-from-scratch lesson, maybe next time.

But we did do a lot. We walked around the garden of the gods (on the second attempt). We tasted crazy spring water in Manitou (while Wes was getting sick) and we made gluten free pizelles (a little messy, but good). We also went dancing in Denver (the Mercury Cafe:natural food and great lindy hop).

Thanks to all of the CO family; Patty, Lisa, Julie, Buzz, Stewert, Ali, Robert, Morgan, Jim and Gieda( i hope I spelled that right). We hope to see you in July.

We headed out of the Spring on Wednesday and went East. We drove on the flattest ground we have seen since Barstow. Eastern Colorado looks like you would think Kansas would. Not much to tell. We cooked at a rest area just pasted the Kansas border and slept a few rest stops later.

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