Sunday, April 19, 2009

There are two Kansas Cities

The Oz museum was a bit of a let down. They didn't have all that many movie props, but they did have a lot of Oz paraphernalia from the years. We cooked some groats in the parking lot of an IGA and headed off to Topeka.

In the state capitol, which has seen more happening times, we found a cool whole-in-the-wall food coop and went to an Old Prairie Town. The tulips where in bloom and we got some "Tulip Time". We left Topeka and headed to Kansas City. Kansas City, KS...not to be confused with Kansas City, MO.(Kansas City is on the border that divides Kansas from Missouri. You could consider there to be one KC with half on the Kansas side and half on the Missouri side.)

It rained the past few nights, and rain drops on fiberglass do not make for pleasant sleeping. Several nights of limited sleep and fitting illness prompted us to go see a movie. We saw "I love you man". Pretty funny. We parked in a side street of a neighbor and packed it in for the night. Another rainy night. The rain subsided in the wee hours of the morning and this allowed for some late sleeping.

Finding the glory that is the Kansas City Whole Foods was a great way to greet the morning/early afternoon. We are now left with a dilemma, stay and dance tonight or head to Arkansas for some diamond hunting. (Its raining in Arkansas now, so I vote dancing, despite our collective under-the-weather-ness)

Thoughts on Kansas:
It is entirely underrated as far as scenery. The flat areas have awesome skies and the eastern part of the state has some cool hills. My dad says that everyone should be required to drive across the country at least once, I think Kansas is a must for any cross country drive.

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