Friday, April 17, 2009

Wes, this on is for you

We got up in the morning, ate some allergen free granola and headed back out on the road.
Kansas is windy. We had been running from a lightning storm the night before which could not keep up with us and, while it made for some pretty skies the night before, dissipated before too long.

Still we had a whole lot of Kansas ahead. Hays, KS was the next big "city" on our map, and it made for some fun thrift shopping. Nat got a shirt and I got a sweet three piece suit and a cool jacket. We also went to a museum of natural history with a lot of fossils and such. One of the most photographed fossils, the fish-in-a-fish fossil is in Hays. Did you know that Kansas was once under water?

One common thing that people ask you if you are driving around the country is if you are going to see the worlds largest ball of twine. My brother Wes was very excited about this aspect, and while it was not in our plans, a map of Kansas pointed out that said famous ball was only an hour or so out of our way. Cawker City here was come.

Cawker City does not have much, especially at 6pm. But the twine was....worth seeing? They have a yearly Twine-a-thon where you can go and add twine to the ball.

Leaving sleepy Cawker City and heading back to the main highway brought E85, dinner time, night fall and Salina, KS. We cooked and set up shop in a city park, which we later found out to be a frisby golf course.

Morning brought rice cereal with rice milk and poor Nat apparently with the same aliment that hit Mom, Wes, Ali and a few others in Colorado. Good thing it only lasted one day for the rest.

We are heading out towards Tulsa and perhaps the Wizard Of Oz museum.

Thoughts on Kansas:
What the Sunflower State lacks in topography, it makes up for in awesome clouds.

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  1. Yeah that sounds like Kansas...flat, windy, and only interesting thing a ball of twine...yup that sums it up nicely.